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Applying a self-adhesive label


Filling of liquid and thick products


Feeding and closing of lids, caps, plugs

Areas of Application of Onitex Labeling Machines

The modular design of the machines allows you to paste labels on any bottles, cans, jerricans and vials: without folds, shifts and bubbles.

Labels for jerricans and rectangular containers
Onitex L300

Containers are pasted with a continuous flow on both sides. The label is applied without bubbles and folds and will fall into the recess.

Up to 14000 bottles per hour1–4 labelsHeight up to 300 mm
Labels for curved containers
Onitex L300

Oval, triangular and other curved containers are pasted with a continuous flow on both sides. The label will fall into the specified place.

Up to 12000 bottles per hour1–3 labels
Labels on cylindrical containers
Onitex L100Onitex L200Onitex L300Onitex L600

Cylindrical (and even oval) containers are pasted around the entire circumference. The transparent label will remain transparent, the embossed label will remain embossed.

Up to 12000 bottles per hour1–2 labels
Labels on the cone container and lid
Onitex L200

The conical container is pasted around the entire circumference, a label oriented relative to the side is applied on top of the lid, while the label will be in the center of the lid. If necessary, the machine will lift the bucket handle.

Up to 2200 bottles per hour1–2 labels
Labels for small vials and ampoules
Onitex L100

Medicines, cosmetics, liquids for electronic cigarettes, stationery, paints — wrap-around labeling of small, light and unstable containers.

Up to 11000 bottles per hour1–2 labels
Labels for vodka, cognac and other bottles
Onitex L600

The glass or plastic bottle is fixed at the top and bottom and oriented. The front and counter-label, excise stamp, neck label and medallion will be pasted in the right place.

Up to 14000 bottles per hour1–5 labels

Areas of Application of Onitex Filling Machines

Onitex has solutions for different filling options.

Filling by volume using cylinders
Onitex F200

Jams with inclusions, sauces, cosmetic creams, detergents in plastic or glass bottles and jerricans – the volume of the product in the container will be the same.

Up to 3000 bottles per hour0.1–5 lFoaming liquids
Filling by level
Onitex F400

Hybrid filling of hot quiet liquids in a container with a narrow throat — the level of the product in the showcase will be the same in all bottles.

Up to 2000 bottles per hour0.1–1.5 lUp to  90°C
Bottling by weight
Onitex F400

Jams, sauces and other similar products in plastic containers – the net weight will be the same.

Up to 1500 bottles  per hour0.12 l Up to 90°C
Discrete filling by volume
Onitex F300Onitex F200

Cosmetics, paints, acids and alkalis, antiseptics and other medicines. The discrete filling system allows you to quickly move from product to product without prolonged flushing.

Up to 1500 bottles per hour0.01–1 lUp to 90°CFoaming liquidsCorrosive liquids
Filling by volume using electromagnetic meters
Onitex F100

Water, fertilizers, household chemicals. Fast transition to different volume and accuracy up to 0,4%.

Up to  2000 bottles per hour0.1–10 lUp to 80°CFoaming liquidsCorrosive liquids

Areas of Application of Onitex Capping Machines

Onitex has solutions for different types of capping.

Plastic covers
Onitex U100

Plastic and aluminum screw caps. The thread will get into the thread, all the covers will be screwed up to the stop.

Up to  3000 bottles per hourAuto feed
Triggers and dispensers
Onitex U100

Both the trigger and the dispenser will be twisted with the right torque.

Up to 3000 bottles per hour
Sprayers and caps with an opening ring
Onitex U100

The opening ring will be snapped, the lid is screwed all the way down.

Up to  3000 bottles per hour
Covers at an angle
Onitex U100

Detergents for plumbing and other similar products.

Up to 3000 bottles per hour
Flip-top, disc-top, push-lock, push-pool
Onitex U100

The capping is suitable for different versions of such covers, while the changeover process will take about 10 minutes.

Up to 1200 bottles per hourUp to 3000 bottles per hourAuto feed
Large diameter caps
Onitex U100

The capping is also suitable for large diameters of caps, up to 25 cm.

Up to 1200 bottles  per hour
Onitex U100

The caps with pipettes will fall exactly into the throat of the bottle, will be aligned and twisted with a given force.

Up to 3000 bottles per hourAuto feed
Lids of plastic buckets and containers
Onitex U104

All caps will be evenly snapped: for round and rectangular containers.

Up to 6000 bottles per hourAuto feed

Onitex Labeling Machines

Machine options for different tasks and performance.

Onitex L100 labeler

Compact machine. Application of one or two wrap-around labels on cylindrical or conical containers.

Onitex L200 labeler

Application of one or two wrap-around labels on cylindrical or conical containers and one label on top of the container.

Onitex L300 labeler

Universal machine: applying two labels to cans, bottles, vials and other containers of rectangular and oval cross-section, as well as applying one or two wrap-around labels to cylindrical and conical containers.

Rotary labeler Onitex L600

A productive machine for applying up to 5 labels to containers of any shape with a certain label arrangement.

Onitex Filling Machines

Machine options for different tasks and performance.

Linear filling Onitex F200

Volumetric filling with three variants of dispensers: based on cylinders, counters or peristaltic pumps. From 4 to 10 fillers. Control of the rise of the fillers by means of a synchronous drive according to the algorithm for products prone to foaming.

Onitex F300 Triblock

Miniline: volumetric filling based on 1-3 peristaltic pumps with a bottom filling system, a universal roller capping with automatic cap feeding and a labeling machine for 1-2 wrap-around labels in one small machine. A system of "templates" for quick changeover.

Onitex F400 Triblock

Miniline: hybrid level or weight filling of hot and thick products, capping with automatic cap feeding and foil sealing in one machine.

Onitex F600 Rotary filling

Vacuum filling with 18 filling heads for quiet liquids. Up to 6000 half-liter bottles per hour.

Onitex Capping Machines

Machine options for different tasks and performance.

Onitex U100 Roller capping

Roller universal system: adapts to a large range of polymer simple and composite caps, perfect for triggers, dispensers, pipettes. Pressure from the top and a system for reverse alignment of the cap along the thread, electronic force control.

Onitex is a Full–Cycle Production

The Onitex plant has been operating for more than 10 years. The plant's capacities allow mass production of equipment and solving production tasks of customers within the framework of one enterprise.


Over 10 years of operation, Onitex has become a full-cycle plant. Milling, turning, laser cutting and bending of metal on CNC machines, welding and assembly work, installation of electronic components: more than 90% of parts and components are manufactured on their own equipment. We control the entire production chain and bear maximum responsibility to customers: a 2-year warranty with the possibility of extension is valid for all products, and the production time of spare parts does not exceed 4 working days.


The production areas and equipment of the assembly site allow to simultaneously assemble three production lines up to 20 meters long or up to 10 separate machines.


A separate machine or an entire line is sent to the customer configured and ready to work. The settings for each type of container have already been entered into the controller's formula system and process cards. This approach greatly facilitates remote commissioning in regions closed to entry due to quarantine or for other reasons.


Pressure rollers, brushes, fillers of different diameters, sensors of different types, valves, consumables and spare parts – these items are always at hand.

Control systems

Onitex control systems are designed from scratch based on its own electronics and software. After turning on the power, the machine is instantly (<0.5 sec) ready for operation. The technology guarantees that the firmware of the machine will never fall down.

Design department

If necessary, changes are made to serial products to adapt to the needs of the customer, for example, a shortened version of the machine was made specifically for placement in a narrow room of a pharmaceutical factory.

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