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Self-adhesive labels application


Filling of liquid and thick products


Feeding, closing and tightening bottle caps, hoods, and corks

Onitex Labelling Machines: Application Areas.

Thanks to their modular design, our machines can apply labels to any types of bottles, jars, canisters, and flacons and vials with no wrinkling, shifting, or air pockets.

Labels for canisters and rectangular product containers
Onitex L300

Continuous two-side labelling of product containers. Applying labels with no air pockets or wrinkling, labels are positioned to fit the surface recess.

Up to 14000 bottles per hour1–4 labelsHeight up to 300 mm
Labels for curved and irregularly-shaped product containers
Onitex L300

Continuous two-side labelling of oval-sectioned, triangular-sectioned and other curved product containers. Applying labels to fit pre-defined positions.

Up to 12000 bottles per hour1–3 labels
Labels for cylindrical product containers
Onitex L100Onitex L200Onitex L300Onitex L600

Wrap-around labelling of cylindrical (and even oval-sectioned) product containers. Clear labels remain clear, while embossed labels remain embossed. 

Up to 12000 bottles per hour1–2 labels
Labels for cone-shaped product containers and lid labels
Onitex L200

Wrap-around labelling of cone-shaped product containers, applying labels onto the lid positioned against side labels, aligning labels in the centre of the lid. The machine can lift the hobbock bail if needed.

Up to 2200 bottles per hour1–2 labels
Labels for small flacons, vials and ampoules
Onitex L100

Pharmceuticals, cosmetics, liquids for e-cigarettes, stationery, paint – wraparound labels for small, lightweight, and unsteady product containers.

Up to 11000 bottles per hour1–2 labels
Labels for vodka, cognac and other types of bottles
Onitex L600

Positioning and gripping glass or plastic bottles by the top and by the bottom. Applying a front label, a back label, an excise label, a neck label, and a round label to pre-defined positions.

Up to 14000 bottles per hour1–5 labels

Onitex Filling Machines: Application Areas

Onitex provides solutions for various filling options.

Volumetric filling with a cylinder system
Onitex F200

Jams with fruit slices, sauces, cosmetic creams, detergents that come in plastic or glass bottles and canisters – rest assured that the product volume will be identical across all containers.

Up to 3000 bottles per hour0.1–5 lFoaming liquids
Filling by level
Onitex F400

Hybrid filling of hot quiet liquids in a container with a narrow throat — the level of the product in the showcase will be the same in all bottles.

Up to 2000 bottles per hour0.1–1.5 lUp to  90°C
Weight filling
Onitex F400

Jams, sauces, and other similar products packed into plastic food containers – rest assured that product net weight will be identical.

Up to 1500 bottles  per hour0.12 l Up to 90°C
Discreet volumetric filling
Onitex F300Onitex F200

Cosmetics, paint, acids and alkalis, sanitizers, and other pharmceuticals. The discreet filling system makes it possible to quickly switch between products without spending too much time to clean the system.

Up to 1500 bottles per hour0.01–1 lUp to 90°CFoaming liquidsCorrosive liquids
Volumetric filling with the use of electromagnetic meters
Onitex F100

Water, fertilisers, household chemicals. Quickly switching in between different volumes and precision up to 1 per cent.

Up to  2000 bottles per hour0.1–10 lUp to 80°CFoaming liquidsCorrosive liquids

Onitex Capping Machines: Application Areas

Onitex provides solutions for various capping types.

Plastic bottle caps
Onitex U100Onitex U200

Plastic and aluminium ROPP bottle caps. Threading on both pieces is aligned to ensure that caps are fully screwed in.

Up to  3000 bottles per hourAuto feed
Trigger caps and dosers
Onitex U100Onitex U200

Both trigger caps and dosers are screwed in with the required torque.

Up to 3000 bottles per hour
Sprayer caps and ring-pull lids
Onitex U100Onitex U200

Pull rings are pressed in, caps screwed in tight.

Up to  3000 bottles per hour
Angle-neck caps
Onitex U100Onitex U200

Bathroom detergents and other similar products.

Up to 3000 bottles per hour
Flip-top caps, disc top caps, push-lock caps, push-pull caps
Onitex U100Onitex U200

The capper is suitable for various types of such caps, readjustment takes roughly 10 minutes.

Up to 1200 bottles per hourUp to 3000 bottles per hourAuto feed
Large diameter lids
Onitex U100Onitex U200

The capping machine is suitable for large diameter lids up to 25 cm.

Up to 1200 bottles  per hour
Onitex U100

Pipette caps fit the neck of the vial precisely, they are then properly aligned and screwed in with pre-set torque.

Up to 3000 bottles per hourAuto feed
Plastic hobbock and container lids
Onitex U104

All lid types are sure to be evenly pressed on and click-closed tightly, both those forround and for rectangular containers.

Up to 6000 bottles per hourAuto feed

Onitex Labeling Machines

Various machine types for different objectives and production capacities.

Onitex L100 labeler

A compact machine that applies one or two wrap-around labels onto cylindrical or cone-shaped product containers.

Onitex L200 labeler

The machine applies one or two wraparound labels onto cylindrical or cone-shaped product containers, and one lid label.

Onitex L300 labeler

A universal machine applying two labels on canisters, bottles, flacons and vials, and other rectangular-sectioned and oval-sectioned product containers, also capable of applying one or two wrap-around labels onto cylindrical or cone-shaped product containers.

Rotary labeler Onitex L600

A high-capacity machine that can apply up to 5 labels to product containers of various shapes with pre-defined label positioning.

Onitex Filling Machines

Various machine types for different objectives and production capacities.

Onitex L200 in-line filling machine

Volumetric filling with three batcher options: cylinder system, liquid meters, or peristaltic pumps. 4 to 10 nozzles. Manage the nozzle height thanks to the sychronous drive using the algorithm for liquids prone to foaming. 

Onitex T300 Triblock

A mini-line: volumetric filling based on 1 to 3 peristaltic pumps with a bottom-up filling system, complete with a universal roller capper with an automated cap feeder and a labeller which can apply 1 to 2 wrap-around labels – all in one compact machine. It comes with a template system for quick readjustment.

Onitex Capping Machines

Various machine types for different objectives and production capacities.

Onitex U100 Roller capping

A universal roller system: adjustable to use various basic and composite polymeric caps, perfect for trigger caps, dosers, and pipettes. Hold down device and reverse threading alignment system, electronic torque control.

Onitex U200 capping

Adapts to a large range of polymer simple and composite caps. The capper is equipped with an automatic lid feeding system from the hopper. Suitable for packaging tobacco products, cosmetics and household chemicals.

The Company

We deliver specialized machines (filling, capping and labelling as well as complete production lines) custom-made for our clients needs: from the design stage to the machine’s completion. 


A separate machine or an entire line is sent to the customer configured and ready to work. The settings for each type of container have already been entered into the controller's formula system and process cards. This approach greatly facilitates remote commissioning in regions closed to entry due to quarantine or for other reasons.


Our facility area and the assembly unit equipment make it possible for us to simultaneously assemble three production lines, each up to 20 metres long, or up to 10 individual machines.

Control systems

Onitex control systems are designed from scratch based on its own electronics and software. After turning on the power, the machine is instantly (<0.5 sec) ready for operation. The technology guarantees that the firmware of the machine will never fall down.

Design Unit

We apply changes to our serial products where needed to adjust them to our customers’ needs. For instance, we have made a shorter version of our machine to fit a narrow pharmaceutical production facility. 

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