Onitex L100
Universal Labeling Machine

The machine applies one or two wraparound labels onto cylindrical product containers.


The machine design makes it possible to install various modules depending on the objective:

Touch screen

The screen allows you to manage and to set up all machine modules, and to switch between different templates for various product container types. There are two synchronized control panels to ensure more convenience for the operator.

Conveyor belt step drive

The step drive ensures consistent speed: the load does not impact the conveyor belt speed.

Roller labelling unit

The roller unit holds and rotates cylindrical or cone-shaped containers in order to properly apply wrap-around labels. The unit evens out the container to ensure that label edges are properly aligned. It is synchronized with the applicator thanks to the step drive.

А150 applicator

The applicator dispenses labels at the exact moment, with the exact speed, and the exact tape tension. Label height is up to 300 mm depending on the applicator model.

Applicator Stand

The applicator is adjustable and lockable, with five mobility degrees.

Stainless steel frame

The frame ensures the overall sturdiness of the structure making it possible to easily install all modules necessary to deliver the desired result.

Container divider

The divider provides the necessary minimal intervals between containers on the conveyor belt. Synchronized with the other modules thanks to the step drive.

Stainless steel receiving table

The applicator dispenses labels at the exact moment, with the exact speed, and the exact tape tension. Label height is up to 300 mm depending on the applicator model.

Specific Features

Designed for manufacturers which set high quality requirements for wrap-round labelling.

Design options

Thanks to its compact design using standard components, the wrap-around labeler can be equipped very economically to meet the individual requirements of different applications. Onitex L100 labelling machine can be equipped with a roller capper and a variable data printer.

    The machine is designed for the following product container types:

    • Glass bottles and jars.
    • Plastic cylindrical flacons, vials, and jars.
    • Aluminium and tin cans.
    • Cone-shaped hobbocks.
    • Miniature flacons.
    • Oval-sectioned product containers (with wrap-around labels).


    With warparound labelling, the output depends on the labelling system (roller or friction system):

    • 3,000 to 13,000 piecers of small (100 ml) flacons or vials per hour
    • 2,200 to 6,000 beer cans (0,5 l) per hour
    • 1,500 to 4,500 large (2 l) jars per hour

    Label invisibility effect

    The machine design ensures that the label is properly pressed and smoothed out until full adhesion to the surface. Extra clear labels remain “invisible”, with no air pockets or moiré patterns. The gentle yet elastic rollers make it possible to apply embossed labels with no air pockets even inside raised-surface letters.

    Alignment precision for wrap-around labels

    Thanks to the roller labelling system design the machine evens out the sides of product containers during labelling. Alignment errors are thus kept to the very minimum making less than 0.3 mm for quality product containers.

    Convenient readjustment

    The five-position applicator support comes with rough adjustment system in order to quickly move the applicator to the needed position against the container feed. After the adjustment, the applicator can be locked in the chosen position.

    Synchronous drive

    Nor the conveyor belt speed neither the speed of any of the machine modules does not depend on the load, the electrical voltage, or any other external factors: no in-process adjustment is needed. Once the machine is properly set it is good to work for the next 10 years: the pre-set speeds and delay times will not “drift away”.

    Onitex VA100 Control System

    The primary objective of the control system and its interface is to ensure convenient operation and readjustment.

    Touch screen

    The control panel is ready for work in just half a second after the power is on. All settings are available in just two or three touches of the screen, the interface responsiveness is comparable to an iPhone device. The integrated help system is here to report any parameter irregularities or a line emergency. Our technology safeguards you against firmware failures.

    Template system

    The template system drastically reduces readjustment time when switching between different product types. As many as 96 templates are available to the operator with a single touch of the screen.

    • It is possible to activate or to deactivate certain modules within the templates. For instance, the printer and the roller unit can be deactivated and the positioning device can be activated within the oval-sectioned canister template.
    • Adjust delay times and run speeds for any module or for the line as whole to meet the requirements of different product types.
    • Create a template for a certain product type and then copy the settings to a different template to further adjust them instead of creating a new template from scratch.

    During readjustment the operator only needs to adjust the mechanic settings of the modules to accommodate the geometrical parameters of the container type and to adjust the sensor position height.

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