Onitex L200
Universal Labeling Machine

Application of one or two wrap-around labels on cylindrical or conical containers and one label on top of the container


The design of the machine allows the installation of various modules depending on the task:

Touch screen

All modules of the machine are controlled and configured from the screen, settings templates are switched for different containers. Two synchronized panels for operator convenience.

Intermittent drive of the conveyor

Provides precision stability in speed: the speed of the conveyor does not depend on the load.

Roller running-in unit

Fixes and rotates cylindrical or conical containers for applying a circular label. Aligns the container for precise convergence of the ends of the label. Synchronized with the applicator using an intermittent drive.

Applicator A150

Issues the label at the right moment, with the right speed and tension of the tape. The label height is up to 300mm, depending on the applicator model.

Applicator Stand

Adjusting the position of the applicator and fixing it. Five degrees of mobility.

Stainless steel frame

Provides rigidity of the entire structure and the possibility of easy installation of modules necessary for solving the problem.


Designed for manufacturers with a large range of products and high requirements for the quality of label application.

The machine is designed for the following types of containers:

  • Jerricans of all types with label height up to 300 mm.
  • Bottles for household chemicals of rectangular, oval and triangular cross-section. Oval and square glass and PET bottles.
  • Cylindrical container, similar to Onitex L100.


When applying the label on both sides, it is oriented and pasted over with a continuous flow, without a gap. 

  • 12000÷13000 bottles, vials and small (1 l) jerricans  per hour.
  • 6000 medium (5 l) jerricans  per hour.
  • 4000÷4500 large (10 l) jerricans per hour.

Accuracy of lateral application 

To demonstrate the accuracy of the machine after the end of the PW, the container is passed twice. The labels will fall one on one with a deviation of 0.1-0.3 mm.

Why do we need such precision?

Container is not perfect. The variation of the container parameters will add errors, despite all the precision accuracy of the machine. But the minimum error of the labeling machine itself will help to keep within 1 mm of the total error, even with containers of poor quality.

Label invisibility effect

The design of the machine ensures the pressing and smoothing of the label until the adhesive composition adheres to the surface. The super-transparent label will be invisible, without bubbles and the moire effect. Soft, but at the same time elastic rollers allow to apply an embossed label. There will be no bubbles even inside the convex letters.

Accuracy of convergence of the circular label

Thanks to the design of the roller running-in system, the container is aligned on the side surface during the labeling process. The error of convergence of the ends of the label is minimal and for high-quality containers will be < 0.3 mm.

Ease of setup

The five-movable applicator stand has screw adjustments and allows to quickly set the desired position of the applicator relative to the container. After installation, the position of the applicator is fixed.

Synchronous drive

The speed of the conveyor and any machine module does not depend on the load, mains voltage or other external factors: adjustment during operation is not necessary. You can set up the machine and leave it for 10 years: the set speeds and delays of the machine will not change.

Onitex VA100 Control System

The primary objective of the control system and its interface is to ensure convenient operation and readjustment.

Touch screen

The control panel is ready for work in just half a second after the power is on. All settings are available in just two or three touches of the screen, the interface responsiveness is comparable to an iPhone device. The integrated help system is here to report any parameter irregularities or a line emergency. Our technology safeguards you against firmware failures.

Template system

The template system drastically reduces readjustment time when switching between different product types. As many as 96 templates are available to the operator with a single touch of the screen.

  • It is possible to activate or to deactivate certain modules within the templates. For instance, the printer and the roller unit can be deactivated and the positioning device can be activated within the oval-sectioned canister template.
  • Adjust delay times and run speeds for any module or for the line as whole to meet the requirements of different product types.
  • Create a template for a certain product type and then copy the settings to a different template to further adjust them instead of creating a new template from scratch.

During readjustment the operator only needs to adjust the mechanic settings of the modules to accommodate the geometrical parameters of the container type and to adjust the sensor position height.

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